Monday, October 25, 2010

Whipped into Shape...

The blog has a new design folks!
I figured it was time for a little change :)

Today was a pretty average day, I'd say.

Besides the fact that it was "Ugly shirt/tie" Day at school, which was stellar.

Yeah, this week should be interesting :P
Tomorrow is "Impersonate a teacher/twin" day :P


I realize this is a little bit late, but I thought it was appropriate:
It's a video of the seniors going out by the field to sing the alma matter.
It was from our homecoming game.
This Friday is our last game... and I'm actually really sad that I can't go :/
Green High School, I'm glad you improved this year.
I can't get enough & I've never loved school more :)
The past two years, you declined more than I would have thought possible, but somehow (even though we all know why), you were able to pick back up where you left off & raise the bar even more :)
Fab job :)

In a city of Ohio
Stands our high school dear
Midst the homes of friends and neighbors
Our lives center here
So, we praise thy name
Oh, Green High
Keep your standards high
Lift your voices loud and loyal
To the very sky

Anyway, I think it's gonna be kinda sad to leave, but I've got the rest of the year to look forward to :)
Musical Theater is going to starting soon... well, it starting when school started since it's a class, but the show opens Nov. 18th.. Are we ready? Well, no, but I mean, it's just around the corner :P

I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow & a good rest-of-the-night :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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