Monday, October 4, 2010

"Haha" as opposed to "Lol"...

I think people have forgotten what "lol" means...
Who actually is "Laughing out Loud" when they type that?

Using "Haha" just makes so much more sense.
It could potentially be an actual laugh OR just expressing that you found what someone you're conversing with said was funny.

Oh well.

Haha :)

Today, just in case any of you "Journalism" kids are reading this, you had best join my "GHS Paw Print" group on Facebook that I made.
Its purpose is to keep us all connected.
Due to the fact that we have two classes this year, many things aren't able to be discussed together as a whole.
I also included all the due dates and a time line for the first issue.
* In addition to the complete section list

Farmer day was a success :P
Although some people thought "farmer" and "cow(boy/girl)" were the same things... Haha.

Tomorrow is leaf day...
I'm interested in seeing how this turns out :)

I'm so tired... BUT! I have successfully written something for the fifth day in a row & the fourth day in October :)

Thanks for reading all my faithful followers :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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