Sunday, October 24, 2010

So Dedicated...

My, my.. how I've been slacking...
Haha... well! Friday my Green Bulldogs destroyed the Revere Minutemen <--- Take that! We beat them 43-0!
At the end of the game, all the seniors (and probably a bunch of other grades) rushed the field and everyone all got together and sang the alma matter for our last home football game ever. It was pretty bitter sweet.
After that, I went home and since I had the house to myself, watched Ice Castles under a blanket with a bowl of popcorn :)
That's what I call a stellar evening :P
It kind of made my awful day better.... Because I do recall blogging exactly two weeks ago from this day & mentioning how I was involved in a "hit & run"...
Yeah, well, this time... I was hit worse... and in the school parking lot again no doubt.
Seriously, five-month-old car... GHS parking lot, this is getting old.
All three car accidents I've been involved in were not my fault, happened in the school parking lot, and involved boys. That just really proves what awful drivers boys are. It's not even just me saying that. It's a proven fact. Their insurance is higher.

Yesterday, I had to wake up super early to go into school & work on Journalism stuff.
Then: I went Halloween costume shopping with Tierney.. where she settled on a flapper girl & I settled on spider girl :) Haha.
I went to two halloween parties too :) It was a pretty stellar night :)

I had to wake up really early this morning & go into the school again to finish up the paper.
We seriously proof that thing until there's no way there could be a mistake...
But, if there is, my apologies. It's the first paper of the year :P Next issue will be ten times better, I promise :)

After that, I basically came home & slept until I had to go to my grandparents & eat dinner.
While there, we totally watched the Ghost Hunter's thing on the Mansfield Reformatory :P
I knew there were reasons why I was scared to be in there :P

* I would just like to give a shout-out to my faithful reader & one of my fave people ever, Rachael :) Thanks for reading :)

Anyways, tomorrow is Monday... it's spirit week again! It's ugly shirt/tie day. I'm borrowing a really ugly Halloween sweater that my mom used to wear :P Hahaha

Sorry for being lame and not blogging all weekend... It was hectic, as you can tell! Haha.
Hopefully you all have a stellar week ahead of you :)

Food for Thoughts! :)

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