Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pretend like this post was last Friday...

I'm all moved in at BGSU now.
Who'd have ever thought that this day would come.
After saying my "goodbyes" with my mom, dad and brother, I was on my own.
(But not entirely on my own of course, because you know, Veronica was there...)

After getting moved in, they already had mandatory activities planned for us!
We had a floor meeting with the people in our hallway.
That wasn't too bad. We just went over rules and stuff like that.
We met our RA, Caitlyn, who is the coolest person ever probably :)
She took us to the stadium where we get to hear the president make a speech, and watch the marching band, cheerleaders and even learn some of our cheers and the alma mater.

After that, we took a class of 2015 picture on the field.
It took a really long time to organize over 4,000 people...

Once all that was over, we were on our own.
There were a bunch of activities planned for us, and we were allowed to choose which ones we wanted to attend.
Veronica and I went to an event called MIDNIGHT MADNESS.
That was where they shuttled us over to stores such as Wal-Mart & Meijer's, places that were giving out freebies and had great prices for us students.
We went to Meijer's and got awesome "Swag-Bags" :P

While waiting in line for a bus, we met two really cool guys, Ty and Ethan. Due to the ridiculous amount of people who wanted to get on these buses, the four of us devised a plan so that we would be able to make it on. We succeeded.
It was also really cool, because we found out that Ty & Ethan both live in our building. Ty is on the same floor as us too!

After the first night of "madness," Veronica and I went to sleep.

[to be continued....]

Food for Thoughts :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Pain, Pain, Go Away...

By definition, is fluid flowing from the eye as a result of emotion, especially grief.
Lately, all I seem to feel is grief.

I went to visit my Papa in the hospital.
It was tearing up my heart having to see him lying there.
I've never seen him that bad before.
He just looked so small and helpless.
I had to keep turning away to swiftly wipe away the tears that were rolling down my cheeks.
I feel like even though he didn't really know what what was going on, he knew that I wasn't okay with seeing him that way.
His pride is so great, that I'm sure he wished that I didn't have to.
He probably wishes that I could remember him before he began having trouble lifting up his head, and before he began needing an oxygen tank, and before he had to undergo radiation.
Back when he was a polymer chemist and was making amazing discoveries in the science world and creating patents on his obsorbancy inventions.
No matter how he is now, he will always be that same great man to me.
The great photography who dangled out of planes just to capture great pictures during the Korean War.
The wonderful and loving son, brother, husband, father and grandfather.
That man will forever be amazing to me.
I wish he wasn't in so much pain, because, it pains me to see him this way.
I love him.

Food for Thoughts :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

You Say Goodbye & I Say Hello...

My Papa is still in the hospital :/
This isn't how I wanted to leave things.
Hopefully going to church in the morning will help me find peace.
Please keep him in your thoughts & prayers <3

I don't know where to begin right now...
You know how there are just those times when you're at a loss for words?
This is one of those times I suppose.

I got to see a bunch of my MT friends tonight!
They're the best.
Theater people are always so happy & they just know how to brighten up the mood!

I'm going to miss them all so much!
They've definitely all impacted my life more than they know.

Getting involved in the musical theater program at school was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Seriously.

I'm not in a good mood tonight & it's really bothering me.
While I was on vacation I saw a glass & it had labels that said half empty on the bottom half & half full on the upper portion. Well, the glass was made so that no liquid goes to the bottom and it always stays in the top half!
How clever is that?!
Well, I need stay positive I suppose...
But I just don't know how to...

Tonight, I'm going to listen to some music & just hope that when I wake up, everything is better :)

I'm forcing myself to be in a better mood!
So, I'm going to think about happy stuff... happy thoughts, like, the kind of thoughts that helped Wendy, Michael & John fly in Peter Pan.

I wish I could fly..

How cool would it be if you could fly?!
I wanna!

Sorry for the complete randomness of this post.
I've got tons on my mind & I'm so overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin.

Thanks for reading :)

Stay classy ;)

Food for Thoughts :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sweet Caroline, BAH, BAH, BAH...

I've still got tons to do...
I'm going shopping today with my grandma and mom to get a few things in bulk.
I guess so I don't run out too quickly.
I just can't believe how fast the time is seriously flying by.

My grandpa went into the hospital this morning.
Please pray for him.
He's not doing well... :'/

More for Saturday:
I'm going to church with my Nana later too, I believe.
I really wanted to be able to say goodbye to everyone before I left.
I'll make it happen.

P.S. For those of you interested:
If any of you would like my address at school, just let me know! :)
It'd be cool to get letters :P

I've gotta start getting ready to go, but I'm really glad I started this blog back up again. I know so far it's just, "Oh hey, this is what I'm doing today..." But, it'll get better. I promise :)

Have a happy Saturday everyone :)

Food for Thoughts :)

Here's What You Missed...

Phew! It's certainly been a while...

In May, school was school. 
It was weird that everything was ending, but I knew that I was about to embark on a journey in life.

I won that $500 art scholarship that I applied for!
I couldn't have been happier about that!
I was also awarded with the journalism award, the art award and...
That was definitely the highlight :P Haha

The Tuesday night the week of PROM, I went to sleep with a bad pain in my lower stomach/side area.
I woke up the next morning in so much pain & I wasn't able to move very well.
My mom knew something was wrong, so she took me to the emergency room at Children's Hospital.
(Funny how at the beginning of this blog and my senior year, I was there.. and then I was about to end it there too... eh?)
Well... They ran millions (obvious exaggeration) of tests, and it came down to the decision of whether or not I wanted to have my appendix out or not.
The doctor told me I could either wait and risk the possible bursting of the appendix and be held up for probably five days or have the appendectomy and be better in time for prom on Saturday.
I was pretty scared...
Luckily I took to the anesthesia excellently AND everything went perfectly well!

This was the day that Ben left me and went to Europe :(
It was a difficult chunk of time with very little means communication, but he got home safely, had an amazing time singing and got me some very nice presents <3 Haha

Was a very fun time :P
My nice group of besties and I went to Ocean City, MD for a week of beach fun!
We had a pretty fun time. 
If it were in the moment, it would have been quite comical to document the day-by-day haps the whole week, but, yanno, I'm sure you can all just take my word for it that we had fun.

I work at Raintree Country Club :) I like it there!
I love all the people there too :)
I'll tell you more about that later!

Is just around the corner.
I went to Washington D.C. for the first time last week.
That was a pretty fun vacation!
I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did.

I leave for college on Friday!
It's weird how real this is becoming.
I'm having a hard time with it.
I know, I know...
I was the one who couldn't wait to go and had already had my down payment made on my dorm room and accepted admittance on Sept. 26th of LAST YEAR!
But still.. now it's actually real.. It's happening.. It's here..
I feel like I have so much to do still but no time to get it done!
I hope I can find time.
I don't wanna be unprepared or forget anything.

I've just gotta keep my motto in my head:
"Just keep breathing"... 

Food for Thoughts :)