Wednesday, November 19, 2014

People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend...

So, I was reading this article this morning while I was at work, and it inspired me to write a little bit about my best friend.

I made a "Best Friend" playlist of perfect BFF songs that are ALL relevant.

Okay: So... Let me tell you about my best friend!

She's the most genuine, loyal, trusting, funny and gorgeous person, on the inside AND outside!

I'm gonna start with a friendship timeline :)

I can't remember the exact moment we met, but our friendship began when we both happened to join the same community theatre & dance studio.

Here's a lovely picture of us in our pre-teen years.... At our community theatre performing to the song 'It's Hairspray' from the musical 'Hairspray.'

But anyways... It was 5th grade.

We became friends.

I remember hanging out with her at recess & thinking, this girl is awesome... we are going to be friends.

***Side note: I had just moved to the area the year before, so I didn't know that many people yet, and was incredibly eager to make friends.

Back to the story... So, obviously, a friendship was born.
This was sometime late 2004 to early 2005.

It wasn't until 8th grade that we would actually have a class together, but that didn't stop our awesome friendship from continuing to grow.

In 8th grade we had French and choir together.

Here's a picture of us at a choir competition.

That next summer, we spent so much time together.

I have a few pretty funny memories from that summer...
I'm not sure where to begin...

Probably the funniest would be the AIM break-up incident.
I'm just gonna leave it at that.

A lovely photo of us in our incredibly early high school years.

One of the best traditions we started was our Black Friday shopping trips.
This is us with our friend Tierney! I remember bringing them shopping, and they fell asleep in the store!

Nonetheless, Caitlin & I have continued Black Friday shopping most years! Whenever we can :) 

So, now, we're into our early high school years.
This is when things got pretty good.

One of the things I love about Caitlin is that she is very confident and strong.
She's my very own Blair Waldorf!
(The Blair to my Serena, if you will....(I've never done any drugs though, FYI)

Caitlin is my Blair.

Once, Caitlin sent me a MySpace message & told me not to wear the same boots as her (because we're besties... obviously we had the same pair...) the next day at school, because she would be wearing them that day.
It's still pretty funny to me.
Sorry for bringing this up again, Cait... Haha
(Yes, I bring this up an unusual amount... it's been like, six years...This needs to be the last reference ever... Haha Sorry!!!)

But anyways, she's like Blair, because not only does she have the confidence to make sure things run the right way, she also has impeccable fashion sense.

She regularly helps me go through my closet and get rid of all my old (and yes, sometimes awful) clothes that always seem to accumulate faster than I can donate them!

While we're on her sense of fashion, another thing I love about her: she is brutally honest with me.

I have two pretty good examples:

Once, we were at Forever 21 & I was going through a pretty intense neon phase (that I will admit I'm not quite over yet), and she very sternly made me put all the outlandish clothing back on the rack, because I was 20 (or 21... eh?) at the time... 
An actual adult...
No longer a teen...
I should be dressing more maturely.
Thanks for that :)

The next example would be when we went shopping at Kohl's and she picked up this (yes, I will admit it) ABSOLUTELY AWFUl shirt...

Here is what the actual shirt looks like:

She says something along the lines of, "Oh my god... This is AWFUL!"
I just stood there....
And stood there....

With a blank look on my face...
And then looked super embarrassed...
And I just went, "I bought that yesterday when I was here with my Mom...."

And we both just laughed and she hugged me.

Honestly, I love the color of the shirt... I could do without the saying.
But really... What was I thinking?!

Thanks again for teaching me to stop buying awful shirts with cheesy sayings.

Okay, back to high school.

So, she and our other friend Michaela threw me a baller surprise Sweet 16 birthday party!

**Take notice of what's in my hand!!!

So, that was super sweet of them :)

Okay, now it's time to focus on this awesome "Birthday Princess" wand.

I know it's cheesy, but ever since then, we've been passing this back and forth to each other for birthdays! Last year I even mailed it to her since I didn't see her on her actual birthday! :) <3 p="">

So, here's a nice little cluster of high school memories :)



After that, the fun college years!

She came to Bowling Green to visit me! :)

And I went to Athens to visit her! :)
(I even got to help move her in last year <3 p="">

She took me to Quicken Loans Arena to watch the Cavs play in a Suite!
We went a few times! Once we even met the 1979 NBA All-Star & Retired Cavs player, Campy Russell!

She introduced me to the show, Friends... Which, is obviously my favorite, so I owe all of that to her!
The first episode we ever watched was the episode where Jennifer Coolidge guest starred.

I fell in love.

We were having a sleepover & were about to fall asleep, and instead of sleeping we just started quoting Friends and laughing for hours.

Sometimes we just text each other lines & we'll just finish the quotes.

This accurately sums up our friendship.
It's perfection.

<3 p="">

I love you CK.
You're my right-hand pal & I absolutely can't imagine my life without you.

Thanks for always being there for me <3 :="" p="">


You know you're friends when you can text each other hilarious pictures of what your face looks like when you just got your wisdom teeth out & trust that the other person will only use their powers of having that photo in their possession for good.


This is a random video of Caitlin & our other friend Katie.

This is a true gem.