Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where Have All The Bastards Gone?!...

These titles really don't have any meaning...
They're usually just whatever line is being sung from the song that I'm listening to... Haha.
Occasionally I come up with a clever saying or something though.

In actual reality though, each of the blog posts have an underlying message that I am hiding.. My blog definitely puts the "Read between the lines" saying & puts it into action.

I always like blogging, because it's an outlet that I look for as a stress reliever.
I mean, the life of a college kid... that's gotta be stressful, right?

Secretly, sometimes I feel bad, because I see all these people busting their butts studying for exams & such... and I have done no such thing. I can't tell if my classes are actually that much easier, or they just come more naturally to me.

[I sure hope it's the second one]

But really... I think I have the perfect major.
I love all my classes (minus computer science... ew)
I think I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

It's the best feeling ever to just be able to take a deep breath & think, "This is where I belong... and I love life... and I can't imagine doing anything else ever."

That statement is 100% true, too :)
Life is good.
School is fantastic.
BG is the BEST :)

Oh yeah, and I've already covered the fact that I have the best roommate ever!
So, basically, I mean... things couldn't get a whole lot better.
It was a rough first month for me... but, I think it was just a wake up call that life isn't always easy & that there's always gonna be a couple bumps in the road.
I think I'll be able to look past things that try to get in my way & still find ways to succeed. Because, in life, nothing goes perfectly smooth, and, I'm totally gonna be ready for the real world once it's ready for me!

I mean, hey, I did my own laundry! I can do anything! ;)

The work load here hasn't been too terrible or anything yet, thank goodness.
I've got a few things to do for the rest of the week, but, I think I can handle it all.
I love college.

Now, since it's only Tuesday, we've still got over half a week left! But, I mean, after Tuesday, my week is pretty chill. I think this is shaping up to be a good week!
I hope you're all having great weeks as well! :)
Thanks for reading :)

Have a VERY awesome week! And, if it's not going exactly as you'd like it to, please try to make the best of it! Things will get better!! I promise :)

Food for Thoughts :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tonight, Tonight...

It's you and me & we're runnin' this town and,
It's me and you & we're shakin' the ground and,
Ain't nobody gonna tell us to go,
'Cause this is our show!

The purpose of those lyrics up there are indeed important to this blog post, I promise!

One day, my roomie Veronica and I were just hanging out in our room when I just sung that first line, "It's you and me and we're runnin' this town and..." out loud.
All of a sudden, she sang the next part of the song, "It's me and you and we're shakin' the ground and..." and then, I went, "Ain't nobody gonna tell us to go 'cause..." and then we both together went, "This is our show!"

It was the funniest thing.
Now we always sing it like this, all the time...
AND in unison :P

Veronica is the best roomie ever and I just want everyone to know that.

I'm sure that people weren't really sure how to feel when we told that we were going to be roommates. You always here all these horror stories of people who were friends before they were roommates and then things going wrong.

Let me take a few steps back...

Vee-ron and I first met back in 5th grade... we totally have the same last name... and we're 4th cousins :P
Now you know the haps, kinda!

Well, we were besties in high school (along with 9 other girls :P ) and well, once we both knew we were going to the same college, we decided to be roomies!


Anyway, well, we've been living together for almost exactly a month now, and I have concluded that she is the best roommate ever!
Hopefully things stay perff and that maybe we can actually live together more than just our freshie year :)

Dear Veronica,
I love you. You're the best roomie ever. :) The end.

Sorry for bragging for those of you who don't like your roommates :P
But, yeah... mine's def. better than all of yours :P Hahaa

I hope you all had a nice weekend :)

Food for Thoughts :)

I'll Be There For You...

When the rain starts to pour.
I'll be there for you...
Like I've been there before.
I'll be there for you...
Cause, you're there for me too.

I'm a pushover.
I don't really know what the definition of that word actually is though...
I'm going to look it up...

[....... LOOKING UP ANSWER ........]

 1. One that is easily defeated or taken advantage of

Okay, well, I mean, I don't know how much of that is exactly true... but, I don't think it's false by any means.

I feel like I'm too nice.

Is that a good quality?

I feel like it puts me in last place more often than not...

Hear me out, okay?
When you're there for people all the time, it just sucks that people can't be there for you when you need them...


La La La --- It doesn't matter --- La La La

On campus, strange people come  up to me & say the creepiest things, and yet, I can't find it in my soul to blow them off or be rude at all.
I seriously listen to what they have to say & then, maybe I end up regretting it later, but, ya know what?!

If more people would just be friendly, I feel like it would make the lives of those who are labeled as social outcasts a much more enjoyable one.

Step it up, society.

Be there for people when they need you.
And reach out to those who might not be screaming for "help" out loud.

Whew... Serious blog.

Food for Thoughts :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Looks Like A Solo Tonight...

Sometimes- that's a lie- Always, when I listen to music, I listen to the words. And, by listen, I mean, I truly, listen to each and every word placement. Whatever the song happens to be, I search deep inside my inner being and find someway to relate my life or something I am familiar with to it. That's probably not always a good thing. When I think about things too long, my brain contemplates absolutely every scenario that could be possible for the particular situation.

When it comes to life, you can only change the future by living in the present & not dwelling over the past. No matter how much you want to change the past, the longer you focus on it, the more you neglect the present, which truly determines your future.

I was legitimately having one of the worst weeks ever.
Nothing seemed to be going right & I was getting sick, which obviously just makes everything worse.
However, you know that if you let yourself get too down, it's almost impossible to pick yourself up.
I really was starting to give up on thinking that anything could make the week better...
Tuesday was crappy, Wednesday was worse, and Thursday was just a collaboration of both days making things that much more awful...

Friday rolled around.
I have a late class on Friday: One, at 12:30... and, just when I thought my week couldn't get any worse... The fire alarm in my building went off at 10:30AM... waking me up on my day to sleep in... I honestly contemplated not leaving.. but, that wouldn't have ended up well.
I almost forgot my key before I walked out the door too... Man, would that have been sucky.
So anyway: I was up now, unfortunately.. so, I decided to get ready and whatnot...
I went to my class, where my flash drive that was given to me for the class decided to become corrupt and not work (yes, it had all my files and stuff on it...) Luckily I finished it in class the week before and turned it in already... but whatever. They were really nice about it and gave me a replacement flash drive.. so, that was one thing good, right?
The class ended up being super short, and I looked down at my phone and saw that I had 2 text messages.
One was from my roomie, Veronica, and it said, "Guess who has a package slip waiting for them?! Hint: It's not your awesome roommate" Well, that alone made my day... because, I had legit been waiting for this package for over TWO WEEKS! The other one said: "Hey! You have any plans tonight?" Or something along those lines... well, believe me... At first, I was just planning on locking myself in my room for the rest of the day/night & not doing anything because I was feeling so crappy.

So yay! I have my package AND plans for the night with my friend Lizzy from work! :)
I really needed to have some fun in my life.
Friday night definitely delivered.

I can always count on you, Friday :)

So, today is Saturday & I haven't really done anything at all yet... but, tonight is the BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY FALCON FOOTBALL'S HOME OPENER! :)
Ay Ziggy Zoomba!!! Roll Along!! :)
I can't wait to go to my first college football game :) It should be a fun time! :)

Well, who thinks I've done enough writing for the day? Me!
Except, I feel like I could go on and on forever and ever.

I feel like I can actually talk on here because I know that someone will be reading it & care to listen to what I have to say :)

Thank you for reading.
I like to vent to you all.
I should probably do something productive now :P


Food for Thoughts :)

Who Do You Think You Are...

It took so long just to feel alright

Remember how to put back the light in my eyes

I wish I had missed the first time that we kissed

Cause you broke all your promises

And now you're back

You don't get to get me back

And who do you think you are

Running around leaving scars

Collecting your jar of hearts

And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold

From the ice inside your soul

So don't come back for me

Don't come back at all

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are?

Food for Thoughts...

I Want To Hold Your Hand...

College didn't start off ideally for me.
But, things like this aren't really in my control.

On Sunday, August 21, 2011 my Papa passed away... :'(
So, it was my third day of college & classes hadn't even started yet :/
I didn't want to be here anymore & I just wanted to go home.
I didn't go a whole day that week without crying at least once.
I realized that I'd have to miss a couple classes already so I could make it back home for the calling hours and actual funeral.

Once I made it home for everything, being with family really helped me gain some closure. The services were beautiful & my Papa finally looked like he was at peace.

Here's a pic of me & my papa last year :) <3
I love him forever & always <3

Even though I know he's in a better place, I still miss him every day & think about him all the time.

Our time together was so precious. I appreciate the extra 15 years I got with him after his cancer.

I love you Papa <3

Food for Thoughts :)