Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Visual Communication Technology Organization...

I haven't written anything in a while.
I've had an incredibly hectic semester (which is still going on!)
For at least a few more weeks anyway!

I just wanted to give a little shoutout to VCTO though.

VCTO is the Visual Communication Technology Organization.
It's an org on campus for my major.
(And for any other majors too!)
I love it so much.

VCTO changed my life.
Not in the "It stopped me from doing drugs," or "It helped me overcome my life trials," kind of changes, but an amazing kind of change that I'm not even sure I know how to describe. 

I joined during the spring semester of my freshman year of college.
I wasn't really sure if I really wanted to be there or not, but for some reason I stuck around.

I'm not sure if it was the moment when the upperclassmen started giving me advice about the VCT professors and about different classes, or when I attended the group trip to Photoshop World, but I knew that VCTO was something great.

At the end of my freshman year, I ran for an executive board position, and won!
I was now the official secretary of VCTO for Fall 2012!


Being one of the youngest exec members had its perks!
I was able to hang out with older students & really learn so much from all of them!

After my short run as secretary, I got promoted to VP for the next semester.

Little did I know that VP would turn into PRESIDENT though.

I have learned so much in my short term as president. But, I've seriously poured my heart and soul into the organization, and I really think the success of VCTO is reflecting that.

The hours I spend working on stuff for VCTO takes up a good majority of the very little free time I have, but it's so worth it.

In one semester, we've raised our attendance rate from about 3 non-exec members to 16 non-execs! We've made great progress with out website, AND we've even got two jobs working with other on-campus orgs! Not to mention we managed to pull off the most successful fundraiser in VCTO history within a span of 24 hours.

I'm so proud of my entire team of exec board members.
We've all given up so much to offer up a place where all VCT majors can be nerdy and make fun of comic sans together :)

I've really gained so much from running an organization.
I'm so incredibly thankful for this experience, and I don't ever want it to end.
Even though I get ridiculously stressed out most of the time, I love it.

I love being a mentor to the underclassmen... a good role model...someone they can look up to.

The feeling of knowing you're making a difference in so many peoples' lives is incredibly rewarding.

VCTO is the greatest, and I just want to share the awesome opportunities I've received from VCTO with everyone else!

Phew! Okay... That was my little rant for the day :) (or month... Haha)

THIS IS THE LAST "Food for THOUGHTS :)" I'm putting on my blog, because I think I've outgrown that saying... :)

Have a good Thursday!