Saturday, October 2, 2010

These Titles Have No Meanings...

I'm going to try and write a blog every day during October.

My birthday is in six days! :O
I'm turning eighteen :)

I kinda can't wait...

Today was a pretty stellar day.
I helped my friend Tierney pick out her homecoming dress :)
It's stellar doryy. It's light blue & yeah... basically she's looks awesome in it. Haha.
My cousin brought her kiddos over today :)
They're so stinking cute! :D
I went on a double-date-type-thing with my friend Chandler, her boyfriend Kevin & his friend Scott(y) :) It went well.
I hung out with my fam some more... & now, well, I'm getting ready to go to my friend Caitlin's for a scary movie night or something of the sorts.
I was going to go camping with my MT friends... but it's rainy out & my mother didn't want me to get pneumonia... understandable..haha

Have an excellent evening everyone :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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