Friday, November 4, 2011

"When I'm With Him, I'm Thinking of You..."

You said move on, where do I go?
I guess second best is all I will know...

(I love Katy Perry)


I think I'm LONG overdue for an update.

College is going FABTASTICALLY! :)
I love everything about it.

The other day, we had scheduling for Spring semester...
Since I'm a freshman.. with nothing giving me higher priority scheduling, I got to schedule with everyone.
Scheduling opened at 7AM.. I had my Dad call me at 6AM just so I would be up and ready to go.
Too bad that everyone else had the same idea...
The school's whole system crashed and I didn't get into any of the classes that I wanted.
Oh well...
I called my mom after and was not happy at all!
Also: My advisor told me to take classes that I am not even eligible to take yet.. so, she was useless...
But, I got myself on a waiting list for a VCT class that I really wanted! I was number 1 on the wait list and I just found out I got in! So, that was def. good news!
ALSO: (I was gonna say something here.. apparently.. but... I got a Facebook chat & so I left the page & now I don't remember... so... whoopssss.) Haha

HMMMM... What else....

Halloween was fun. I love scary movies :)
Veron and I watched Friday the 13th with some guys down the hall. It was scary!

This Weekend:
Is RELAY for LIFE :)
Veron started a team, in which I am on! Our team's name is, "In Memory Of..." and we're all walking for someone. I'm walking for my Papa <3
We start the event at 6PM Friday and go to 6AM on Saturday!
I think it'll be really fun! More details to follow after the event! :D

I went to my three classes today and then, for my Intro to Film class, we are required to attend a screening at the Gish Theater, which, is a theater in one of the buildings here on campus. It's free for students and the community members and whoever else might want to come see a show. 
I went there thinking I was going to see a nice Italian romance movie...
Apparently the movie's subtitles wouldn't work... so, they ended up letting us take a vote between a film about the Chancellor of Hong Kong or this German musical about these teenagers who go to the beach for summer vacation...
Don't worry... we watched the second one.
It was so freaking weird and hilarious.
But, I have to write a whole essay thing about it... and, I don't really know how I'm going to go about that now...
So................... we'll see...

I was about to just settle in and watch Bride Wars and go to sleep...
But I got a nice fbook chat from my RA asking if I was bored and wanted to come color!
And, since it's Thursday... and the majority of college kids are "thirsty"... I was like, "Well, coloring sounds like my kinda thing!" And, obv. I'm being completely serious.
So, I grabbed my bottle of Mott's apple juice and walked down the hall to color!
It was so fun.
I legit have the best RA ever.
She's fun, but my kind of fun. She likes to be crazy, but she doesn't need alcohol or anything like that to have a good time.
We can go to her with anything and she always helps out to the best of her abilities.
And, I just really like to color :P

I really want to be one...
But, I mean, I know the positions are limited.
So, I'm going to try my best to impress them with my rad people skills when I "audition" for the role of, "best for the job of RA" :)
I've got a meeting thing that I need to go to for it in a couple weeks! So, we'll see :)

P.S. It's 3:35AM... and I'm an insomniac, obvv.. AND! Veron is weirdly snoring... :P

I'm sure there's more stuff I could talk about.. but, I'm kinda sleepy right now :P I'll talk to you all tomorrow hopefully! :)

Happy Friday all!

Food for Thoughts :)

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