Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Wishing On A Star...

And trying to believe.

That even though it's far,

He'll find me Christmas Eve.

I guess that Santa's busy,

Cause he's never been around.

That's all I want,

When Christmas comes to town...

It's almost December...
And, that means, it's the happiest month of the year!

I've been kinda "blehh" all day...
Hopefully it's because I'm subconsciously getting rid of all the bad before December!

A few good things happened today though!

I got to talk to my favorite teacher ever! :)

Mr. DeVitis! :)
I had him my freshman year for Creative Writing.
Sophomore year for Journalism.
Junior year for Journalism and English.
and Senior year for Journalism again!

He helped me enhance my writing skills so much
& I he has influenced me to become such a great person.

I have a terrible instructor for my mandatory writing class this year...
She hasn't taught me anything...
And, I really don't think she's cut out for being a teacher.
It's coming down to the wire & I really need to pass these papers.
No one is passing any.
Just goes to show how awful my teacher is now.. (because I know I have skills..)
But yeah...
Mr. DeVitis is going to look over my paper & help me.
If I don't pass it after HE looks at... then, it's IMPOSSIBLE.

When I feel helpless and like giving up...
Something positive always shines a light to help me get through it.

This week is almost half over.
I can't wait until Thursday.

December is going to bring much joy.


Food for Thoughts :)

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