Sunday, November 6, 2011

"8675309 (Laps)...." :P

This is me... at the finish line :)

I went 105 laps... which is 13.1 miles... which is, well...
A half marathon!

Maybe this doesn't seem like much to any of you.
This was a ridiculous accomplishment for me.

About six years ago I was rushed to the emergency room (I know, big shocker, right?! Me.. in the emergency room...)
But yeah...
I was rushed to the ER because I literally stopped breathing.
After getting a million and one tests done, I was diagnosed with pneumonia.

I had to go back to the doctor and do a bunch of breathing tests and stuff...
They found out I had asthma.
The asthma restricted me.
Although it wasn't too severe, it was still bad enough that I couldn't do endless amounts of strenuous work on my lungs because they couldn't handle it.

This past summer I worked really hard at jogging on the treadmill to try to give my lungs a workout. I was not going to let having asthma hold me back.

(Mom, I know you're probably reading this, and I apologize in advance)
I was so pumped for Relay for Life this weekend.
My mom texted me and reminded me to bring my inhaler.
I of course was planning on bringing it.
I mean, if I'm going to be walking for 12 hours... or, well, a good amount of the 12 hours that I was there, I should probably have it there... just to be on the safe side.
With all the chaos that was going on around me, I accidentally forgot to bring it...

You see, I keep me inhaler in my backpack at all times. My backpack is almost always with me here, so, if I happened to have trouble breathing at some point, I would have it.

I haven't used my inhaler in quite some time though, because I'm really trying to strengthen my lungs so I don't need one anymore...

Anyways, once I got to Relay, I realized I didn't have it...
And I mean, I wasn't about to go all the way back for it.

And, I walked a good majority of the time yesterday...

So, you see...

Walking those 13.1 miles... that was awesome for me.

Instead of being like this:
(Okay, this was actually right before I did my 105th lap or something like that...)
I was like this:
I had a "I'm #1" attitude! &... this was me with one more lap to go! :P I was pumped! Haha
So yeah....
I'm super proud of myself :)

Veronica is going to start training me! :P
Maybe I'll be able to run an actual marathon?
Making good life choices.

Relay for Life
was very successful!
They announced that we raised over 23,000 dollars or something like that!
That's pretty darn good.

I def. wanna be a part of it again :)

P.S. I also hope you all enjoyed those ridiculous pictures that were taken at ridiculous hours of the early morning. Like, 5:30-5:49AM... Haha

It is now 2:30 AM here (And technically, if it weren't for daylight savings time... it would be 3:30...)
So, I should probably go to sleep.

P.S. again...
I hope you all like my new blog songs :)
It was time for a change :P


Food for Thoughts :)

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