Monday, November 14, 2011

"When Enough Is Enough..."

Stop telling me what to do...

Don't treat me like a child of two...

I know that you want what's best...

But, Mother, please- Give it a rest...

I just seriously need a break.

Tonight was so fun.
I just love hanging out with my future roomies :)
Carrie, Natalie, Becca, Veronica :)
[& Rachel, the honorary suitie] :P

We died our hair.
Watched Disney movies.
& ate yummy food and did our nails.


College is seriously the best.
It's like a huge sleepover on a school night all the time :P

and really...
That's not a bad thing!

It's so gosh darn fun!

& Luckily, we still have time to get our work done :P

I'm obsessed with weddings.
If I didn't have a major already...
I think I would want to be a wedding planner.


I just finished watching every episode of Say Yes to the Dress on Netflix :P
& Now I'm working my way through all the episodes of Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

La la la
It doesn't matter.
La la la
Oh well.
La la la

That song is so good.
I'm kinda obsessed.

I wish I could do a million things at once.
That would make everything so much easier.

I went home this weekend.
It was really nice to see my fam!
I haven't seen them since... well, okay.. it hasn't been SO long! XD

But yeah.
I'm going home again next weekend....
AND THEN for Thanksgiving.
So, I'll probably be sick of them by then...
( Just kidding Momma ;P )

I hope you all can get through the week okay!
It's ALMOST Thanksgiving!
Keep holding on..
Just stay strong..
Cause you know you'll make it through, make it through...
(I don't know if those are even the exact words... Oops... But, I don't really care enough to go look up the lyrics right now. Sorry. I know. I'm slacking right now... :P Haha)

Check out this pic of me setting up my tree :)
It'll def. make you feel better.

Cause, obviously Christmas makes EVERYTHING better <3

Food for Thoughts :)

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