Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Not THAT Desperate...

I'm all caught up on

This season is the last season.
I'm actually really sad.

But, I mean...
There are only so many people to kill
& only so many ways to do so...

First, there's Teri Hatcher.

She plays the lovable Susan Delfino.
She's really awesome.
I feel kinda bad for her right now...
She was pushed over the edge...
She painted an angry picture of when she & her friends recently did...
& Let's just say it's giving away too much information.

Then, there's Felicity Huffman.

She plays Lynette Scavo. 
The hardworking mother of 5.
Who, most recently, has separated from her husband.
It's been super rough for her.
I feel really bad.
I feel like she & her husband (Tom) need to try & work things out still.
But whatevv.

Next, there's Marcia Cross.

She plays the perfectionist, Bree Van de Kamp.
She's basically done everything.
She's also a gun expert... which, I find pretty amusing.
Not to mention she's got the greatest wardrobe of all.
More argyle, sweaters, and cardigans than anyone could want!
& some fabb pearl necklaces to go right along with 'em!
But anyway, she was dating this cop...
And, he's totes onto she and her friends.
He's not dumb... he knows something's up...
And he's not resting until he finds out what it is...
He's also creeping her & following her places.
Not okay.

And obv. there's Eva Longoria.

She's plays the fun-loving, carefree, ex-model, Gabrielle Solis.
She's married to a wealthy man...
And has two daughters.. who are terrors...
Her husband (Carlos) is basically spiraling into alcoholism... No good.
And, her past is basically what brought on this whole mess.
Carols smacked her stepdad in the head with a candlestick at the end of last season.
He was trying to rape Gabby again (like he did when she was younger...)
And, Carlos was protecting her.
He didn't mean to kill him...

So, the friends all formulated a plan.
They buried the body in a chest in the woods.
A man decided he wanted to build condos there.
The police have been notified of a missing person...
They're all really scared now.

I seriously can't wait to find out what happens next!
Such a fantabulous show :P

If you don't watch it, I highly recommend it.
I mean, there is quite a bit of violence throughout most of the show...
But, I think it's all really interesting and, yes, entertaining.
Also, it sometimes actually scares me.
But yeah...

Food for Thoughts :)

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