Monday, November 21, 2011

'Cause You're There For Me Too...

It's coming to be that time of year again.


We should really start counting our blessings.
Which, I think people should do more often than once a year...

This past year has been so crazy for me.
But, I'm thankful for every single one of the people I've been able to share it with.

I love my friends & family more than anything in the world.
And, as long as we're together, I know everything will be fine :)

This Thanksgiving is going to be the last Thanksgiving that my grandparents have at their house.
It's going to be so bittersweet.
They're going to be moving in next to my aunt & uncle.

I know I talk about how excited I am for Black Friday all the time... and how I don't really like Thanksgiving...
But, that doesn't mean I'm not thankful.
I just don't care about eating a bunch of food.

But yeah.
Thanks family & friends.
You all rock!

Food for Thoughts :)

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