Thursday, February 24, 2011

Inside Scoop...

So, everybody, how've ya been?!
I feel like it's been forever.

I always have so many things I wish I could say.
I end up only say about 1/5 of them...

I guess if it were important, I'd eventually get them all out...
But I dunno.. Some things are better left unsaid.


Have you ever thought about life?
And by this, I mean really thought about it.
Think about the fact that you can see, think, hear, taste, touch...
It's a really cool thing to think about...
It's a pretty cool feeling.

What are you afraid of?
Do you ever think about something & wish it didn't scare you?
You wish you could overcome the fear completely...
That sure would be nice...
I'm secretly not brave at all.

Would you protect some if you could?
I oftentimes consider scary scenarios & imagine myself being the hero.
 I think I deal with crucial, on-the-spot situations surprisingly well.
It always comes as a shock to me when I step it up like that...
Who'd of thunk it?! I might be a little brave after all.



Food for Thoughts :)

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