Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boyfriend vs. Boo

Explain to me what the heck a "boo" is?!
I mean, I might as well Urban Dictionary it...

1) Boyfriend or girlfriend. Term of endearment.

2) A loud, abrupt yell, meant to frighten someone.

3) A sound made to indicate disapproval, the opposite of "yay."
1- Some Guy: "Hey boo."

2- Ghost: "BOOO!"

3- Unhappy Audience: "Booooooo...."

Why would you want to associate someone whom you "love" with something that's supposed to SCARE someone? OR something that's meant to signify disapproval...
.... This just doesn't make any sense to me...

This is what I imagine when I hear, "Ma Boo.."
 Yeah.. the cliche kissing picture...
The awkwardly opened eyes not really know where to hold their gaze...
The stupid, sparkly boarder around the picture...
The dumb arrow pointing to "your lover"
And a huge label at the bottom professing "I love you"...
Because we didn't already get that from this ridiculous picture...

Now let's get one thing straight:
I'm not against public displays of affection..
I just think you should use proper English
& perhaps address someone by a name that's not just found in an urban dictionary.

Why can't you just say, "My Boyfriend"...?

A Boyfriend:
1) A male friend

2) A frequent or regular male companion in a romantic relationship 

Those already sound nicer...
Here's what I think of when I think "boyfriend"
This might be cliche...
But I find that this scenario makes more sense.

"I'm going out with my boyfriend."
"I'm kickin' wit ma boo t'nite!"
Oh, how proper English is holding me back...
I suppose I'll never get to know what it's like to have a "boo"...

Food for Thoughts :)

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