Monday, February 27, 2012

There's A Fire Starting In My Heart...

133 Hours.
I've been without Facebook & Twitter for that long.
It's not so bad.
The worst part is I feel a little disconnected from my friends.
But it's whatevv.
I've only got 34 days left!

Last Night:
Austin's soccer team won.
Isn't he preshh? Yes :)

Last night was their last game & they came in 1st :)

I've gotten a couple midterms out of the way already, thank goodness.
I've got a couple left.
I have one tomorrow & then one the week after spring break.
But, pretty much after I turn in my paper on Thursday life will be breezy through 
#SpringBreak :)

I've got housing stuff to do for next year still.
It opened today.
So, hopefully I can get into the nice upperclassmen dorms...

I picked out the classes I'm going to be taking in the fall.
I'm already super pumped!
If things go smoothly, I'll have off Fridays... It's probably bad that I'm getting excited for that, cause who knows if I'll even get in any of those...
It's just a waiting game now.
So many deadlines & signups to keep track of.

Since I got done with classes early today (by 2 hours) I'm gonna to take advantage of this free time to take a much-needed nap :)

I hope you all have a good week.
Mondays = Mundane

Food for Thoughts :)

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