Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Facebook/Twitter Day Two...

Day #2.
No Facebook/Twitter.
It's still rough.
I feel disconnected from the world.
But whatever...
I. Can. Do. It.
Despite what all you nonbelievers think! ;P

I've got my first midterm tonight!
Hopefully it goes well...
I haven't studied as much as I should have :/

Visual Communication Technology.
That's my major :)
I just finished my expressive project for my Problem Solving Using Visual Media class!
Here's what the process was, basically:
Step 1:
Find a digital image.
Step 2:
Trace over the portions you want to be in black
(Because we're only allowed to use B&W)
Step 3:
Using Adobe Illustrator, create shapes & form a 6x6 vector image.

It might not look like much...But, I'm pretty proud of it. & It took me over 5 hours to finish. So, yeah!
This is what I do with my time now, instead of wasting it on Facebook & Twitter :P

Time to get back to studying!!

Communication: The process by which people use signs, symbols & behavior to exchange information & create meaning.


Food for Thoughts :)

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