Monday, February 13, 2012

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

Dear February 14th,

I feel bad for you.

You're hated on.

People curse your name.

It just isn't fair.

It isn't your fault.

So, I hope you make the best of your day tomorrow.

Dear Lonely People,

Don't let this day be a downer...
Try making the best of it!

Instead of hoping you find a knight in shining armor in less than 24 hours...

Perhaps be thankful for those who are already in your life...
And proclaim one of them as your Valentine!

Give one to your best friend & thank them for always being there for you :)

You can still make the best of your day!

Dear Hopeless Romantics,

Just because you dream about the elaborate things you wish would happen to you on Valentine's Day... That doesn't mean they're going to happen.
Not to crush your dreams or anything.

If anyone even knows me a little, you know I'm a hopeless romantic too :P
So, I'm used to the disappointment..
But, my point is, it shouldn't have to be disappointment.

Instead of being saddened by something not going how you might have hoped, just be happy that you have someone to love or care about at all :)

I could go on & on listing all the different types of people out there & how they relate to Valentine's Day....
But, that'd just be too long and sad...
(Haha... Just kidding)

I hope you all have wonderful days :)
No matter what!

Because, you're all loved by me :)
Probably... :P

Happy almost Valentine's Day :)

I hope that no matter what your plans are,
you really try to have a stellar day!
& don't let the hype of the holiday get you down!


Food for Thoughts :)

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