Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chim Chim Cheroo...

Good luck will rub off when I shake hands with you
Or blow me a kiss
& that's lucky too ;)

I'm still surviving.
This is good news!
I'm gonna have so many blogs in the next 40 days.
Maybe people will see them?
Austin was cute & posted it on my wall apparently :)

Dear people I am in a poke war with,
I have not given up & will poke back when I return!

Thinking about what I'm saying...
It really does sound like I'm addicted...

PNC Bank had a Price is Right-like game set up in the union!
I won these awesome sunglasses by playing high or low :P

I had also just watched the actual show Price is Right, so I was so ready to win! :P
I got to spin a wheel too where I won a cool notebook & pen thing! Haha

I also have my first midterm tomorrow.
It's for Communications, so.. it shouldn't be too terrible, hopefully...
I should probably get back to studying some...
I hope people are actually reading these....
Because I'll be sad if no one reads them.
I feel disconnected from the world right now.

I'm listening to Disney music to pass the time away :P
& It probably helps increase my knowledge, right?



Food for Thoughts :)

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