Friday, August 13, 2010

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

A Happy Accident
This picture's actually of me! It's a prototype for my pictures this year! :)
So, for my photo II class last fall, our assignment was to take different styles of portraits, such as still action, blurred action, close up, shoot for color, framing, etc. I chose to use my cousin Becky as my model, because she's stellar gorgeous! Half way through the picture taking process, I had to dump the pictures off on the computer because my camera ran out of space. Her mom loved the pictures so much that she had the idea that I could take her senior pictures. From that point on, we'd get together whenever we could to take some neat pictures. We had lots of fun and I got a lot of experience in taking good pictures and what to look for to make a picture turn out good in its full potential. I'm doing my own senior pictures. I really hope it turns out well. Don't worry.. My dad's gonna be in charge of the camera.. it's not just gonna be on a tripod or something.

Here's one of the shots.
It was taken on my front porch actually... during the winter.

One of the fall shots.
It was taken in my Grandparents' backyard actually.
They have a pretty good photography set up there!


Food for Thoughts :)

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