Monday, August 2, 2010

Hit Me with a Hot Note & Watch Me Burn...

It's been a while...
I was at Durby Downs yesterday to be an extra in the movie 25 Hill.
It was the coolest thing ever.

I got to watch the soap box cars come down the hill and cheer as the camera crew went by :)
They had just given all the extras ice cream and were about to start another take when I started feeling sick to my stomach.

The next thing I knew, I felt like I was dreaming...
I slowly was able to crack open my eyes...
There was a very cute guy at my feet, elevating them up...
I just felt very confused and didn't know what was going on though.

I saw a woman standing above me calling out, "Gina.. Gina.. Gina.. can you hear me?"
& I slowly was able to shift my eyes over to the left and pick out my mom.
However, I was still unable to speak.. or move for that matter.

I was lost again after that.

When I came to again, they put an ice cube in my mouth to give me some liquids, but I still couldn't move or control my mouth so that wasn't really helping.
I heard people shouting "Call 911! One of the extras passed out!"
& Yet, there was still nothing I could do.

I wasn't able to move, speak, and I sat with my eyes wide open without blinking for what seemed like an eternity.

Note to readers: The majority of what I'm writing has come from what people told me... I was unconscious... :O

The woman who had been standing above me told my mother she was on the production staff & would be able to take my brother to the hospital to meet us there.
All the while, I was being loaded on to a stretcher and my mother would be venturing to the hospital with me in the ambulance.

That woman, I had later learned to be Nina Rawls, wife to the late famous singer Lou Rawls :)

I'm really exhausted right now, but long story short, I went in my first ambulance ride, had a bunch of X-rays done on my head, was put on an I.V., scratched up my arms and feet, have a huge bump/bruise on the back of my head, and
I'm stuck in a neck brace.

I'm gonna have to go get evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon sometime to follow up.. ehh :/

But I just got acupuncture on my neck points, head, face, legs, arms, and feet.. so hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight.

I'm gonna get it done again tomorrow :)
By my Aunty Kathleen :) Gotta love her :) <3

But yeah... now I'm stuck at home doing nothing and unable to maneuver.. so it's been pretty lame for me.

Anyway, maybe if you're in the right place at the right time, you'll catch a glimpse of me in my lame neck brace :P Although I can't drive.. so I'm reverting back to my way of life back in the under-sixteen days :P

& By they way: I was diagnosed with a "partial asthma attck and partial heat stroke" brought on by dehydration.
Yin-Tang is my favorite acupuncture point.

Food for thoughts :)

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