Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I've Been To The Year 2013...


We've all come so far!
We survived what was supposed to be the "Apocalypse"…

This past year has been one for the record books.

- I began my second semester of college
- I met & started dating Austin
- I went on my first college spring break
(which was also my first trip to Myrtle Beach)
- I drove across the country with my family
- I went to the Mall of America
- I saw Mount Rushmore 
- I saw the Katy Perry movie twice in theaters
- I moved in with coolest people EVER! <3 i="i">
- I became the secretary for a student organization
- I made & dressed up like KP for Halloween!
- Spending time with Austin & his fam :)
- I became obsessed with One Tree Hill
- I lost someone very special, my Baba <3 i="i">
- I made SO many new friends at school :)
- I still continue to have the greatest family & friends of all time <3 :=":" i="i">

& I mean, I could go ON AND ON…
But I won't :P

Thank you to everyone who made this year amazing <3 i="i">

I love you all :)

Here's to a happy & healthy new year ahead of us! It's just the beginning! Let's make this one great!

Food for Thoughts :)

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