Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Da Ba De Da Ba Dah

So it's Jan. 2nd of 2013!
These days are just flying by!
It seems like yesterday I was like, 2…
But really, life moves pretty fast.
(That was my nice little tribute to Ferris :P)

I have so many things to do already it seems like.
I am excited to go back to school though!
This semester has definite potential to be great!

I wanted to get a co-op…
But when people don't get back to you when they say they will, it makes things a lot more difficult.
What can ya do?

I'm excited for some of my classes though!
They're all the rest of my gen-eds that I needed to get done, so yay!
It might stink that I'm getting all the rest of my easy classes out of the way & won't have any blow off classes for my senior year or something, but whatevs!
I just mapped out a general game plan for the next two and half years! :P

I think one of my resolutions this year is going to be to write more often on here.
I miss this :')

Food for Thoughts :)