Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Halloween...

On the first day of Halloween, a monster gave to me:
A scarecrow in a pumpkin patch.


It's October 1st! It's finally the start of the best section of the calendar year!
My four favorite days of the year:
1. Christmas Eve
2. Christmas Day
3. My Birthday (Oct. 8th)
4. Black Friday (The day after Thanksgiving)

I am fully able to justify this list.

* Christmas Eve is perfect, because everything is so happy, and it's the height of the holiday season. All the hype is still there, and everyone is especially happy. My family also has amazing Christmas Eve traditions, which really put this day to the top of the list.

*Christmas Day is the second best day, because it's Christmas, the day we've been waiting for. Everyone is so happy, loving, etc. The only reason it's the second best, is because once the day is over, there's no more Christmas music, and everyone goes back to being crazy as soon as it's all over.

*My Birthday is my third favorite day of the year because it's just another excuse to be happy & extra cheerful.. and, I mean.. it was the day I was born! Haha

*I love Black Friday, not because of the ridiculous deals, but because it's just a fun tradition that I've been doing with my family/friends for years, and I just like the excitement of it. It's a day (night) full of nostalgia. Haha


Each day of October I'm going to post a Halloween song that I love to get everyone in the spirit!! :)

My song for today is:

"In Our Haunted House" by Andrew Gold

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