Saturday, December 31, 2011


This past day (Friday) was great.

Being able to catch up with an old friend,

I love bringing people back into my life.
Especially someone who I truly care about :)

I had to say goodbye to my friends tonight...
Before they leave for school :(
It was sad :/

My parents' best friends & two of their kids came over tonight.
We're all really close :)
I've grown up knowing them my whole life.
So, I call them my aunt & uncle :)
We are all obsessed with the Andy Griffith Show :P
I'm kinda a champ at the game.
I wish someone would challenge me,
Because, I feel like no one my own age (aside from me, my brother & my parents' friends' kids) know anything about it at all.
Prove me wrong people!

But yes.
I'm super exhausted.
I just felt a post was in order :)

It's officially New Years Eve :)
Have a stellar one ;)
I'll be at work...
(But, it's a wedding so it's okay :P)

Have an awesome Saturday <3

Food for Thoughts :)

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