Thursday, December 8, 2011

Seven Swans 'a Swimmin'...

Happy Thursday All!

Today was a pretty fantabb day if I do say so myself!

It was probably one of the best days I've had in a while.

I got up early for my last GSW 1110 class :)
Here's hoping that I pass the portfolio review... :P

But, on my way out of East Hall I found this little action figure guy who's holding a lunchbox or something... He's kinda boss.. :P

I named him Lunch Box Man...
And then was basically distracted by taking pics in the library the whole time instead of getting my actual work done :P

Here's some SUPER good news!
I ate food for the first time in DAYS!
I went to the Carillon and had a slice of pizza & cornbread :) Yum :)
& Craig and Tyler and I just hung out some more :P
I'm gonna miss them since GSW is over :/
OH! The three of us TOTALLY played Never Have I Ever in the Union last night XD
It was hilarious :P

I went to my last Intro to Film breakout seshh.
I'm actually sad about that because that class rockedddd.
I loved how we analyzed the movies & I loved all the movies we watched :)
Espesically Atonement & Apollo 13! :)

Then I came back to my room & hung out with my long-lost best friend Josh(ie) :P
Then he wouldn't wake up and I was almost late to my last Computer Science class!

I wouldn't have even been mad if I missed CS...
My prof is a creep.
He creeps me every day!
He calls me "Pinkberry".....
NOT okay.

Then Dominic and I went to the pub for dinner.
Fun stuff.
I feel bad for making him miss out on part of the Blue Jacket's game though :/ Soweeee!

I've been SO "thirsty" all night :P
Thank goodness I have my Cranberry Apple Raspberry juice :)

Chris was here from Cru.
We played catch phrase.. and, my team won :P
(Haha Chris.. :P)
We're all seriously getting into this whole Tough Mudder thing :P
It's crazy.

But yeahhhz.
Things are fine with me.
I promise everyone :)

I found a ridiculous amount of Christmas spirit that was being pushed aside by heavier emotions.
And, I'm glad that it's back.
I was afraid I was going to go through all of the Christmas season being unhappy.
There's seriously only a short amount of time left.
Legit... It's gonna be Christmas before we know it!
Eeeeee! :)

I'm really not too nervy for finals or anything either!
So, that'll be nice :)

I have my VCT portfolio review tomorrow...
Wish me luck :)

Stay Classy everyone :P

Food for Thoughts :)

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