Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pretend like this post was last Friday...

I'm all moved in at BGSU now.
Who'd have ever thought that this day would come.
After saying my "goodbyes" with my mom, dad and brother, I was on my own.
(But not entirely on my own of course, because you know, Veronica was there...)

After getting moved in, they already had mandatory activities planned for us!
We had a floor meeting with the people in our hallway.
That wasn't too bad. We just went over rules and stuff like that.
We met our RA, Caitlyn, who is the coolest person ever probably :)
She took us to the stadium where we get to hear the president make a speech, and watch the marching band, cheerleaders and even learn some of our cheers and the alma mater.

After that, we took a class of 2015 picture on the field.
It took a really long time to organize over 4,000 people...

Once all that was over, we were on our own.
There were a bunch of activities planned for us, and we were allowed to choose which ones we wanted to attend.
Veronica and I went to an event called MIDNIGHT MADNESS.
That was where they shuttled us over to stores such as Wal-Mart & Meijer's, places that were giving out freebies and had great prices for us students.
We went to Meijer's and got awesome "Swag-Bags" :P

While waiting in line for a bus, we met two really cool guys, Ty and Ethan. Due to the ridiculous amount of people who wanted to get on these buses, the four of us devised a plan so that we would be able to make it on. We succeeded.
It was also really cool, because we found out that Ty & Ethan both live in our building. Ty is on the same floor as us too!

After the first night of "madness," Veronica and I went to sleep.

[to be continued....]

Food for Thoughts :)

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