Monday, August 15, 2011

Pain, Pain, Go Away...

By definition, is fluid flowing from the eye as a result of emotion, especially grief.
Lately, all I seem to feel is grief.

I went to visit my Papa in the hospital.
It was tearing up my heart having to see him lying there.
I've never seen him that bad before.
He just looked so small and helpless.
I had to keep turning away to swiftly wipe away the tears that were rolling down my cheeks.
I feel like even though he didn't really know what what was going on, he knew that I wasn't okay with seeing him that way.
His pride is so great, that I'm sure he wished that I didn't have to.
He probably wishes that I could remember him before he began having trouble lifting up his head, and before he began needing an oxygen tank, and before he had to undergo radiation.
Back when he was a polymer chemist and was making amazing discoveries in the science world and creating patents on his obsorbancy inventions.
No matter how he is now, he will always be that same great man to me.
The great photography who dangled out of planes just to capture great pictures during the Korean War.
The wonderful and loving son, brother, husband, father and grandfather.
That man will forever be amazing to me.
I wish he wasn't in so much pain, because, it pains me to see him this way.
I love him.

Food for Thoughts :)

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