Friday, August 3, 2012

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...

My summer started tonight! :)
I finished my summer classes officially
& I got a 98.1% :)

Tonight is my last sleepover with my friends :'(


So, that was last night.. and I ended up forgetting to finish & send this.
The sleepover went super well & I had a great time!
I love my friends :)

It's weird that we're all just ready to leave..
Some of us are getting apartments or houses (or still living in dorms :/)
& it's just really funny thinking about how this time last year, we were having our "last" sleepover & we were all really nervous for school.
It's like we're pros now :P

I am really going to miss my friends though!
I plan on attempting to visit most of them at their schools though!
YAY! :)

Today was my first official day of summer
& it was nice and relaxing!
It's nice not having homework to do for once this summer!
Although, work never really does end.

When I think about going back in time…
This exact time two years ago, I was getting through my concussion after having a heat stroke while being on set of the Corbin Bernsen movie "25 Hill"
Here I am now, two years later, still blogging away! :) & still trying to survive in the heat.. Haha!

Everything seems to be going well though for me.
The world around me seems to be going insane though…

But yay Fridays! :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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