Friday, August 3, 2012

Jon McLaughlin Live Love…

During spring semester's finals week, singer/songwriter/musician Jon McLaughlin of Indiana performed online with LiveStream.
Needless to say, I had set aside the entire block of time to sit in front of my computer and watch him perform live.
He is so talented.

I've only had the opportunity to catch him in concert twice, but each time was better than the next!
Every album you can hear how he grows as an artist, and I can't get enough of his voice!
I look forward to the day when he's playing at sold-out shows in amphitheaters big enough to hold thousands :)

Here's his live performance :)

So many of JMcL's songs have amazing lyrics, and I think that is one of the reasons why he's so great.
His songs inspire me, as I'm sure they do so many others.
I really hope he knows how great he really is!

I'm Already In the Perfect life, and these Blue Skies are Giving Me Reasons to Love that you're Beating My Heart, because you're Always On My Mindand that's Why I'm Talking to You, because I'm only Human, and I want you to Dance Your Life Away with me, so even though the Summer is Over and it's So Close to The Middle of These Crazy Times, You Are What I'm Here For, which is why I'll Follow You to Indiana because I know it's A Little Too Hard (& A Little Too Fast) to tell you that You Can Never Go Back, because the truth is We All Need Saving, and people always tried to Throw My Love Around, and I know I Brought This On Myself, and just when I thought Maybe It's Over, I ran Smack Into You, and Without You Now, I'd be Promising Promises to someone who wasn't What I want, but you introduced me as, "My Girl" Tonight, and after these Four Years, I know that You Are The One I Love.

Sincerely, your Beautiful Disaster


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