Monday, March 12, 2012

When We Arrive Sons & Daughters...

The Decemberists.
Like the music playing on here?
It's them.
& I'm liking them a whole bunch right now.
I've liked them for, probz the past 6 years :)
I've seen them in concert twice & they're so amazing live!
I like their earlier stuff the most! :) Give them a listen!

What's the haps?!
Today was the first day back after break.
Everyone seems slightly more lackadaisical than usual :P
I don't wanna learn right now.
Just cause it's hard to get back in the swing of things.
Myrtle Beach was stellar by the way!
Some of the haps were kinda sucky, but the end of it made up for all of it!

Especially since we lost an hour.
That's probz why I'm extra tired right now.

Does anyone watch Desperate Housewives?!
I'm thoroughly upset from what I saw last night... I can't believe they're about to end this show & what they're doing to me!
I also love the fact that my fam also loves the show :P My cousin Kaylee texted me right after & I love how she was equally as upset as I was at the exact same time.
I was with Austin & he did not care about it so I had no one to freak out to! :P

Austin is so preshh still :)
He made me watch this commercial though, which made me so sad :(
I was honestly SO smiley the whole time!
And then the end happened & I just wanted to cry.
One day, Chicago..
One day...

& on that note:
Goodnight :)
Happy Monday & 
Have a terrific Tuesday! :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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