Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hold Your Breath...

"Tonight will be the night that I will fall for you, over again.

 Don't make me change my mind, or I wont live to see another 

day, I swear it's true..." ♥

So, I had this in my drafts & I figured I should just blog this :P

This song is called "Fall For You"...
Which reminds me of my senior year's homecoming dance.
That was the theme.
Sometimes I miss high school...
But only for three reasons:

Reason 1:
It's not that I didn't make so many new friends here at college or something like that.
It's just that my core group of friends...
Those people are some of the greatest people I will ever have the pleasure of knowing...
And it's weird when I think that they're not just a couple minutes away all the time.

Reason 2:
I'm pretty sure that if my family were close to me I'd probably wish I went farther away or something...
But, sometimes I really miss them & I wish they weren't so far... It's a comfort knowing that they could be anywhere I needed them in a reasonable amount of time...
But, now I know it'll at least take them 2 hours and 20 minutes to get to me...
Scary thoughts...

Reason 3:
That class was seriously one of the best things to ever happen to me.
I loved everyone on the staff <3
And I loved Mr. DeVitis! He was seriously the best teacher I've ever had.. and probably ever will have!
In the four years & five classes I had with him, I learned so much.. not only about English and writing, but about life.
And, anyone who has had him... you probably recall learning some things about life that from the male perspective and occasionally stereotypical to women...
But, nonetheless.. Everyone (for the most part) loved him!

The way my mind moves is ridic.
I love telling people out loud how my train of thought works & how I explain how one thing leads to another.
Sometimes it's all over the place.
Most of the time… actually…


Happy Tuesday all!

Food for Thoughts :)

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