Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tonight, Tonight...

It's you and me & we're runnin' this town and,
It's me and you & we're shakin' the ground and,
Ain't nobody gonna tell us to go,
'Cause this is our show!

The purpose of those lyrics up there are indeed important to this blog post, I promise!

One day, my roomie Veronica and I were just hanging out in our room when I just sung that first line, "It's you and me and we're runnin' this town and..." out loud.
All of a sudden, she sang the next part of the song, "It's me and you and we're shakin' the ground and..." and then, I went, "Ain't nobody gonna tell us to go 'cause..." and then we both together went, "This is our show!"

It was the funniest thing.
Now we always sing it like this, all the time...
AND in unison :P

Veronica is the best roomie ever and I just want everyone to know that.

I'm sure that people weren't really sure how to feel when we told that we were going to be roommates. You always here all these horror stories of people who were friends before they were roommates and then things going wrong.

Let me take a few steps back...

Vee-ron and I first met back in 5th grade... we totally have the same last name... and we're 4th cousins :P
Now you know the haps, kinda!

Well, we were besties in high school (along with 9 other girls :P ) and well, once we both knew we were going to the same college, we decided to be roomies!


Anyway, well, we've been living together for almost exactly a month now, and I have concluded that she is the best roommate ever!
Hopefully things stay perff and that maybe we can actually live together more than just our freshie year :)

Dear Veronica,
I love you. You're the best roomie ever. :) The end.

Sorry for bragging for those of you who don't like your roommates :P
But, yeah... mine's def. better than all of yours :P Hahaa

I hope you all had a nice weekend :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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