Sunday, November 14, 2010

Catch Up Time...

I've been stinking at this blogging stuff lately.
I did so well during October, and November came around and I had Musical Theatre every night and things just got hectic.
Hopefully you'll all understand :)

I guess you'll all need to be caught up!
We had a really fun MT spirit week!
It was nerd day... :) Hahaha. Check out them suspenders :P Haha

Anyway, the show's coming along... But not as smoothly as I'd like to see...
We have two rehearsals left... and we haven't finished one of the dances & the scene transitions need a lot of work... not to mention we'll need to learn the curtain call still!
I'm trying to have faith in our abilities to pull something together...
But I've never been this nervous about a show before...

Not to mention having really lengthy rehearsals & having homework and school stuff to take care of.
This next week will be the craziest one to date.
.. Maybe.
But still, we'll do it.. I know we will.. We have to! :)

Aside from MT craziness... Nothing's really happened. I haven't done anything besides live at the school and work on Wizard of Oz stuff.. or the school paper.
Hello EIC, that's me :)
[Editor-in-Chief].... :) Hahaha

I went in to school for a half-day last Friday :P I was so exhausted from practice & I had the worst migraine.. Ewy!

*Sigh* Just thinking about everything that's going on gets me so stressed out!
You wanna hear the most adorable thing ever!?
So, my most fave sophomore ever had to bake cookies for her german class and she set aside a couple for me & wrapped them in foil & wrote on top: "Gina: Deep breaths and everything will be okay." :)
Seriously. My day was so crazy and I just felt so stressed & I looked down and noticed there was something written on the thing she just handed me when we happened to see each other in the hall. I got a little teary & really thought that everything WOULD ACTUALLY be okay :)

Isn't this sooo nice & thoughtful?!

Seriously, it made me realize how little gestures can really affect someone's life...

I'm so tired... I had to get up at 9:30AM... & I still have to write a 2-2.5 page paper for tomorrow... Ew.
So, I'm leaving you all with this nice little update on my life.
It'll hopefully hold you all over for a while, cause I have NO idea when I'll be writing again... Haha

Food for Thoughts :)

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