Sunday, September 26, 2010

Slow Down You Crazy Child...

Well, blogdom, it's been a while!

On Friday I had a party for my 18th birthday! :O There was a bonfire, some corn-hole, karaoke, Beatles Rock Band, and a cookie cake :P
I've got roughly twelve days left until I'm legally an adult though...
So many things have happened this year... I can't believe it.. but time flies...
Friday night after my party was over, I opened up an e-mail from BGSU that said, "It's time to celebrate!"

That's right friends! I have officially been accepted to college :)...and not just any college.. but the college that was number one on my list! :D
That same night I was able to log in an create my student e-mail address!

The next day I got the official letter and certificate of acceptance in the mail! They even gave me a BGSU cling-on sticker for my car...that is already on there :P

... in the letter it also stated that I have already been awarded $1,500 dollars from the school to attend!

I really couldn't have had a better weekend!
[I'm getting ready to apply for my dorm room next!]

Saturday night was my friend DB's birthday party!
So, that was obv. fun too!

I've had a stellar weekend :)

BGSU, here I come!
I no longer have to be afraid of not getting into college :)

If you have to do all this college stuff, I recommend getting an early start on it.

I went to my first college fair at the beginning of my sophomore year.

Went on two visits and to another college fair during junior year.

& One more visit the summer before senior year (which was Bowling Green)

I already had my application filled out and sent before senior year even started... and had my transcripts sent!

I also took my ACT in December of my junior year, took an ACT prep course during the summer and then took it once more in early September of my senior year.

I think being ahead of the game has helped me an awful lot. Now, I can just apply for a million scholarships to help pay for the college that I already know I want to go to :)
Things are working out quite nicely for me :)... for a change! A year from now, I'll be a Falcon :) Hahahaa :P

Food for thoughts :)

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