Thursday, May 30, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (From YouTube)...

(This song inspired the title)

Phoebe from the first episode of FRIENDS

I don't spent much time on YouTube, but I've definitely acquired some favorites throughout the years.
Here are some of my selections:

"Pokemon In Real Life"
This is just so funny and so incredibly accurate.

"Grammar Police"
This is the story of my life...

"Starships - A Cappella"
I love a cappella! And this song! I'm obsessed.

"Sweet Brown - Remix"
The auto tune remix of this makes it ten times funnier! Haha

"Remembering The 90s"
So much nostalgia! 

"Rare F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Documentary"
I'm obsessed with FRIENDS! 
If you are too, I suggest taking 50 minutes out of your day to watch this!

"Major League Dugout Stomp"
I filmed this one, but it's so funny! I love Major League!

"28 Cartoon Theme Songs in 7 Minutes"
Major flashbacks!

"Man of 100 Voices"
This guy's got talent! Haha

"Cookie the Little Penguin"
I'm in love with Penguins :)

"Live Lip-Dub Proposal - Marry You"
This video makes me cry every time! It's so adorable and I love the song!

"Making Movies Jealous - Proposal"
This had to have taken so much time and creativity! I just love it!

"The Creep"
I just can't get enough of The Lonely Island!

"I Won't Give Up (Cover)"

Check out more of my pal Seth Rinehart's music on YouTube here!

"Wakko's America"
You better believe this has helped me at random times throughout my life!

"Citibank Identity Theft"
This commercial used to crack me up! Lawlz

"Citibank Identity Theft"
I dare you to watch this and not crack up laughing,
or have this song stuck in your head for eternity…

So, I hope you enjoy all of these videos.
I feel like if you're bored enough, you'll really enjoy the fact that you now have something to consume more of your time!

I've gotta be at work in less than seven hours, so I guess it's time for bed!

P.S. What's the capital of Arkansas?


Food for Thoughts :)

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