Monday, May 14, 2012

Penguin Love...


It's been a while.
I did well on my finals..
I've been home for a week now!

I start my summer classes this week!
Luckily they're online! Haha

I miss Austin.
So sad… Cwy cwy cwy :(
I'll hopefully get to see him soonlyyy :(
We had our first official Skype date the other night though, so it's alright for nowwww.

Isn't he just the cutest thing evvv?! ;)

I started working again.
Love Raintree.
It's a pretty stellar gig. Haha
I've already worked a nice golf outing & a beautiful wedding :)
As we all know, I'm obsessed with weddings :P
And, yes.. the obsession continues to grow! Haha

It's awesome being home :)
I sure missed it.
But boy, do I miss BG!
It's the greatest school ever <3 :)

Anyway… Like I said…

Goodnight :)
Wubbz to all <3

I hope you all have a stellar week! :)
I hope you find/have a love… like cute penguins <3

Food for Thoughts :)

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