Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We We We So Excited...

One: How about whenever I get a text now, it does the whole, "We we we so excited." BUT it's from the Glee version of Friday... It's pretty awesome. Haha

Two: I dunno if I have a two.

Anyway, moving right along...
I had my first college mid-terms this week.
Three of them to be exact. AND ONE PAPER.
The mid-terms weren't too bad.
I mean, I guess I won't know for sure how I did until they're graded though.

I don't like computer science.

I just thought I'd also let you all know that. It's so freaking boring.

Shout out to my favorite guy, Benjamin :)
Happy 7 Months :) <3

This blog post is the product of my procrastination.
I should probably get some things done... maybe?

Food for Thoughts :)

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