Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Pathway to Freedom...

That's what you think...

Oh well...

I love being on Christmas break.
Yesterday was my Secret Santa gift exchange with my friends :)
I got a new argyle sweater & three pairs of argyle socks.
I couldn't have asked for a better present :)

I've got an orthodontist appointment (my very last one to be exact)
I was supposed to have one Monday at 7 AM...
But when you stay up late with your friends, it's hard to get yourself up in time...
Thank goodness my mother wasn't angry that we had to reschedule... :)
After that, I'm going spend the day with my Papa :) <3
My Nana has appointments to go to & my cousin Krissy was supposed to stay with him...
But she's stuck in London right now :O
It'd be nice any other time if it weren't so close to Christmas!
Then, I'm going to lunch with some fam :)

Veronica & I are having roommate bonding time :)
We're gonna bake cookies!
& Then all the girls are going to Wadsworth for the Basketball game.
We'll be doing some "Grizzly Huntin" & cheering on the guys :)

The Christmas season...
It always seems so jam-packed! :O

My Sweeney Todd mini musical group went thrifting for costumes!
We were very successful!
We also had a photo shoot for our program & poster :)

Back row: Mrs. Lovett, Sweeney, Johanna, Anthony
Front row: Toby, Pirelli, Beggar Woman
 After that...
I went to Target with Gea & we got some of her senior pictures printed
That I took :)
& She liked them a lot... which was awesome :)

& Even later...
Ranchel Marie & Gea and I had a mini Christmas party :)
(Ranch & I totally had footie jams on :) :) Haha)

Pretty entertaining day, huh? :)

In on recent news...
My long-lost friend Oh-Jayy & I have rekindled our friendship :)
It's pretty stellar news, actually.
He & I devised a plan on my "Pathway to Freedom" today.
I have faith that he'll come through :P

I love rekindling friendships :) Haha

Now that you all know my entire life story...


Have a happy Tuesday! :)

Food for Thoughts :)

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