Friday, July 30, 2010


That's what the average human's night is like at 3:10 AM.
But not me.
Not by any means.

I've never been too keen on the idea of sleeping. For as long as I can remember, I've felt the need to stay awake. Perhaps it's because I'm afraid that there's not enough time in the day? Which there isn't.

So I lie here awake every night.

Please sleep. Please sleep. Please.... SLEEP.

But don't worry.
It never happens.

The funny thing is, sometimes, I count backward from 100... and that always does the trick.
(I've never made it past 78 without falling asleep)

You'd think that I'd think to try that at the beginning of the night.
But no.
I wait until I'm so unbelievably exhausted that there's no way I could possibly stay up much longer.

I'm sure you're reading this and thinking, "Wow.. could you possibly droan on about this any longer?!"

I could.

But we can talk about something else.

I started filling out my first college application today.
It was to Bowling Green State University.
I went on a visit there last Saturday.
I like loved it so much.
I want to go into visual communications I think.
I wonder how many times that will change as this blog continues through the entire "applying for colleges" process

I hung out with my long-lost friends Chelsea and Stephen today.
It was such a blast! & I don't know what I'd do without them :)
Chelsea's blog post from today and her blast from the past made me so emotional & inspired me to create this blog! :)

Playing on a tire swing :)
          At Boetler Park!

If I start getting tired, does that make this post title of Insomniac a false statement?

Food for thoughts :)

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