Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Four Score & Seven Years...

I haven't written anything in 4 months...
This is incredibly unlike me.
However, I blame this on the fact that I've barely had time to breathe this semester.

Everything is starting to come to a close though.

Never again will I have to take 6 classes at the same time!
What a relief!

In my last post I talked about everything I wanted to accomplish, which I think was a very good idea, because looking back, I can see that I've almost started accomplishing those things.
Once I can cross some of those tasks off my list, the weight will be releasing off my shoulders!

I'm surviving the semester.
So what's up next?

Securing that final co-op for the summer!

I've already sent in my resume/applied at 24 companies.
I'm just so nervous... I feel like if I get my hopes up about something, I'll be extra sad if it doesn't work out. I did that once already, but it looks like I might have a second chance, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I've gone through quite a few "lasts" recently.
It's kind of bittersweet!

I had my last meeting as president of VCTO.
I signed up for my last semester of college classes (For the Fall)
I'm almost done with my last spring semester ever!
It's crazy!!!!!!!!!!

I've got quite a bit of work still to do though before the semester is up, so I don't know if I'll have time to post a whole lot more... But, hopefully it won't be 4 months until the next one!


Happy Wednesday!
A week and a half left until my finals! :)


Friday, January 3, 2014

I'm Running Out Of Clever Titles...

First off...
Wow, I can't believe it's 2014!

Here's to a stellar new year!!

I spent my winter break in Florida.
It was very fun!
The temperature wasn't too hot, so it was even more perfect!

Here's me & bro at Downtown Disney!
We went to Universal Studios/Island Adventures & even spent some time at Downtown Disney :)


What a way to spend new years!

I didn't really make a resolution this year though.
There are too many things that I know I need to accomplish, so I didn't really put labels on them!

My 3 Goals for the next year:
1. Survive my spring semester (6 classes + 2 jobs!!!)
2. Secure my final required co-op for the summer (3rd out of 3!)
3. Graduate in December (Which would be slightly early!!)

I'm pretty sure I can handle those things...
But we'll see...

So, on that note, I'd like to raise my glass to 2014, cause it's going to be a fantastic year! I just know it!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Visual Communication Technology Organization...

I haven't written anything in a while.
I've had an incredibly hectic semester (which is still going on!)
For at least a few more weeks anyway!

I just wanted to give a little shoutout to VCTO though.

VCTO is the Visual Communication Technology Organization.
It's an org on campus for my major.
(And for any other majors too!)
I love it so much.

VCTO changed my life.
Not in the "It stopped me from doing drugs," or "It helped me overcome my life trials," kind of changes, but an amazing kind of change that I'm not even sure I know how to describe. 

I joined during the spring semester of my freshman year of college.
I wasn't really sure if I really wanted to be there or not, but for some reason I stuck around.

I'm not sure if it was the moment when the upperclassmen started giving me advice about the VCT professors and about different classes, or when I attended the group trip to Photoshop World, but I knew that VCTO was something great.

At the end of my freshman year, I ran for an executive board position, and won!
I was now the official secretary of VCTO for Fall 2012!


Being one of the youngest exec members had its perks!
I was able to hang out with older students & really learn so much from all of them!

After my short run as secretary, I got promoted to VP for the next semester.

Little did I know that VP would turn into PRESIDENT though.

I have learned so much in my short term as president. But, I've seriously poured my heart and soul into the organization, and I really think the success of VCTO is reflecting that.

The hours I spend working on stuff for VCTO takes up a good majority of the very little free time I have, but it's so worth it.

In one semester, we've raised our attendance rate from about 3 non-exec members to 16 non-execs! We've made great progress with out website, AND we've even got two jobs working with other on-campus orgs! Not to mention we managed to pull off the most successful fundraiser in VCTO history within a span of 24 hours.

I'm so proud of my entire team of exec board members.
We've all given up so much to offer up a place where all VCT majors can be nerdy and make fun of comic sans together :)

I've really gained so much from running an organization.
I'm so incredibly thankful for this experience, and I don't ever want it to end.
Even though I get ridiculously stressed out most of the time, I love it.

I love being a mentor to the underclassmen... a good role model...someone they can look up to.

The feeling of knowing you're making a difference in so many peoples' lives is incredibly rewarding.

VCTO is the greatest, and I just want to share the awesome opportunities I've received from VCTO with everyone else!

Phew! Okay... That was my little rant for the day :) (or month... Haha)

THIS IS THE LAST "Food for THOUGHTS :)" I'm putting on my blog, because I think I've outgrown that saying... :)

Have a good Thursday! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Why Blair Waldorf Is Perfect...

Seriously though.
She's perfect.
She's a real princess, without a physical throne.

She is absolutely fabulous.

She ruled the upper east side.
New York City is her throne.
She's a born leader.

She is brilliant at scheming.

You're probably not worthy of her company…
But she'll put up with you.

Her life, even though she's had some tough times, has still be like a fairytale…

Blair Waldorf + Nate Archibald
They dated since kindergarten…
It was over a decade-long romance…

They had their lives planned together…

They had so much fun together...

Seriously, look how perfect

But at least they were able to be friends after they parted ways

Blair Waldorf + Dan Humphrey
They started out as enemies…
But then a spark flared…

Dan & Blair started the perfect friendship…

With a kiss…

And even though it didn't work out 
like Dan had wanted it to…

He was always a shoulder to lean on…

And their friendship was pretty perfect…

They even had a short romance for a little while...

Blair Waldorf + Prince Louis Grimaldi
She's literally so lucky…
A prince just walked up to her…

Now, this is what I call a real Cinderella story…
The shoe bit… really…

And they started the cutest romance story ever…
Blair on her way to being legit royalty…

Of course they became engaged…
Because, of course.. it's Blair!

They even got married… Awk…
Cause I mean, we all know she's meant 
to be with with Chuck…
It ends though, unfortunately for Louis...

Blair Waldorf + Chuck Bass
Seriously, they literally are always drawn back together…
They were so on & off…

But always seemed to find each other again…

Seriously though…
Does it even get cuter than this?!

Oh wait, it does…

They are so in love…

And it's absolutely perfect…

So perfect.
I love it.

Blair Waldorf = Perfection.

Monday, September 23, 2013

You Can Count On Me Like 1-2-3...

One: I'm going through a Bruno Mars phase.
I am loving him right now.

(Listen to this!)

Two: This is still related to Bruno Mars…
He & I have the same birthday!

Pretty cool, eh?

That day is in 14 days.

From now until October 8th, I urge you to use the hashtag "#Gina21" on Twitter.

Thank you. Lawlz.

It's my third favorite day of the year! :)

I don't really know what I'm gonna do for my birthday yet, but I'm sure I'll come up with something.

So I guess three:
I've been so busy lately.
I can't wait until things eventually slow down.
If that ever actually happens.



That's really all that's on my mind.





I'm done, I swear.



Have a great week.

Food for Thoughts :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

And You're Gonna Hear Me Roar...

My 21st birthday is in 21 days.
I can't believe another year has come & gone!

However, I feel like my 21st birthday is going to be a little different than most people's.

It'll probably go a little something like this:

October 8, 2013


(Okay, early class in the morning.. time for bed)


(Living the commuter life… Chilling in the union)

(Sitting in Tech Comm… Being bored)

(Getting my new sideways driver's license!! Weee)

(Script Analysis class…)

(Work all night :'/ Wahh )

(Off work & time to sleep again…)


There MIGHT just be a couple times thrown in there where I can grab something quick to eat. Haha


Food for Thoughts :)

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Rush

Generic post.

I just started school.

It's been alright so far.

Like my classes.

Love my apartment.

More later :)

Food for Thoughts :)